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Full Day Abu Dhabi City Tour from Dubai

Abu Dhabi City Tours from Dubai

Abu Dhabi’s cosmopolitan lifestyle, exciting attractions, gorgeous beaches, and unique desert landscapes are only a few of the reasons why thousands of visitors every day flock to Abu Dhabi from Dubai to experience the renowned Formula 1 races and fascinating attractions. Our Abu Dhabi tours from Dubai are an easy way to explore the highlights of the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi. Let our experienced guides accompany you on a journey to the very heart of everything Abu Dhabi has to offer. Experience the cutting-edge attractions and unique atmosphere of this oil-rich city with day trips to Ferrari World or Sheikh Zeyad Mosque. We can also build a customized Abu Dhabi tour to meet your requirements. No matter what Abu Dhabi city tour you opt for, you will be picked up and dropped off directly from your hotel unless it’s specified in the tour description.

Before checking out our Abu Dhabi city tour packages, please keep in mind that all those tours that involve a visit to Sheikh Zayed mosque come with certain rules.

  • Ladies must wear long, loose clothing to ensure that their legs and arms are completely protected. Women are likewise expected to cover their heads at all times.
  • Men should not expose any skin above their knees and their shoulders should be covered. Failure to do so may lead to declined entry.
  • On Friday, it is not possible to visit the Sheikh Zayed Mosque.

Abu Dhabi City Tours from Dubai

Why Visit Abu Dhabi?

Even though Abu Dhabi doesn’t even come close to Dubai in terms of tourism popularity, it still stands out in plenty of areas. It would be fair to say that without admiring the arches of Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, your trip to the UAE would be incomplete. With the aforementioned Abu Dhabi sightseeing tours, you will be able to create incredible lifetime memories.

Private Abu Dhabi Liwa Desert Safari

Remarkable Desert

As Abu Dhabi makes up 87% of the UAE’s total landmass, a large portion of Abu Dhabi is still desert. Although the desert might seem dull and boring at first, once you set out on a desert adventure, you won’t be disappointed. The most effective way to explore the Abu Dhabi desert is to book a desert safari trip. Therefore, Abu Dhabi desert safari tour packages are among the top things to do in Abu Dhabi. Try dune bashing, quad biking, and camel riding during your safari trip.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Spectacular Attractions

The sights and attractions of Abu Dhabi are quite impressive, just like those in Dubai. Whether it is a historical spot or a modern theme park, you’ll be mesmerized by its architectural, structural and visual appearance. With an assortment of incredible buildings in Abu Dhabi, including the most eye-catching of all the city’s buildings, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, to the finest of modern-day luxury and architectural brilliance, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi offers something for everyone.

Qasr al Waten Palace

Rich Culture

In terms of traditional culture Dubai surely lags far behind Abu Dhabi. In contrast to Dubai, it continues to have a rich and charming culture that is well maintained. The city offers you exceptional opportunity to have remarkable experiences because of its sophisticated nature and diverse ethnicities, which is, of course, another compelling reason to visit Abu Dhabi. At least those interested in culture should never overlook visiting Abu Dhabi whenever they have the opportunity.

best dishes abu dhabi

Food Varieties

It is true that there is no food shortage in Dubai. Despite that, Abu Dhabi’s rich cuisine and wide variety of different foods have strong Islamic and Middle Eastern roots. Whether you are eating loaded camels, smoky rice, or delicious hummus, there is no doubt that the cuisine of Abu Dhabi will leave your taste buds wanting more.

Saadiyat Beach

Blissful Beaches

Although Dubai features a handful of beaches where you can escape to catch up on vitamin D, these beaches are frequently overcrowded. On the other hand, there aren’t many people on the beaches in Abu Dhabi. Several picturesque and calm beaches can be found in Abu Dhabi, but Saadiyat Beach stands out as the most scenic.

fairmont marina Abu Dhabi

Family-friendly Hotels

There are a variety of accommodations available in Abu Dhabi, but the oil-rich city is always known for its warm hospitality. In addition to luxury penthouses located in the heart of the city, Abu Dhabi is a wise choice for vacationers with children who’re looking for family-friendly atmosphere. In addition, Abu Dhabi’s skyline is decorated with skyscrapers.